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Unique Proposition


Banks, investors, and internal QA may demand a model audit to ensure your forecasts are robust. We review models using numeritas eXcel toolkit (nXt) - software we developed in-house. Uniquely, nXt incorporates tests for the most common errors that we’ve identified over the years, and makes the experience efficient and streamlined.

User Focus

We call our work ‘REAL’ modelling, because it’s important to us that the outputs we generate are tangible and useful in your real world environment. We may be producing incredibly complex models and analysis, but we work to make everything simple for the end-user.

Consultant Selection

Every consultant on our team has passed our rigorous selection process, which tests intellect, modeling skills, commercial acumen and client focus. An individual consultant or team will be handpicked to match your organisation’s culture and the specific requirements of your project.

Best Practice Principles

We work to best practice modelling principles based on the approaches used by the Big 4 accounting firms, and incorporating relevant findings from new research. Our own methodology is known as SCILS - that is, Separating, Consistency, Integrity, Linearity and Simplicity.


Many projects generate new techniques or approaches. For future use, we capture these in a Wiki - a private website that any team member can access. It’s become a valuable repository of corporate knowledge that’s available to all our consultants. We affectionately call it ‘the NERD’.

Directors’ Experience

Having done financial and business modelling at ‘the big four’ and equivalent global businesses, our Directors have considerable experience they can draw on for your benefit. They work hands-on during the critical design and scoping phases, and personally manage your project to ensure success.

Career Modellers

All our modellers have chosen business and financial modelling as their professional focus, and we give gifted modellers a career path to develop and retain their talent. This means you can depend on our expertise for quick and accurate models and analysis that genuinely benefit your business.

Review And Testing

Our methodologies are the product of many years managing model risk. You can trust the outputs we generate, because reviews and testing are included as a standard part of our process. Every model and analysis is double-checked for accuracy before you see it - so saving you time and effort.

Our Work

To confirm why Numeritas is best for your modelling needs, check out what we’ve done for clients just like you.


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