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The origins of the discipline of Financial Modelling

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DATE: Fri 28 Sep 2012
BY: Stephen Aldridge

The origins of the discipline of Financial Modelling

Following a somewhat feisty discussion at our last Monday Team meeting, Denver McCann took on the challenge of de-mystifying or at least attempting to discover the truth behind the origins of Financial Modelling as a professional discipline. As a team we all had some ideas, all of which were conflicting, and ultimately is driving our enquiry into this intriguing topic. We have decided to conduct our research via a series of interviews with leading figures within the global realm of “Financial Modelling” professionals. We have a short list of those people we know and some we don’t but have heard of, and towards that end we would welcome any information on the topic and or any suggestions of any people you think we should speak to in conducting our research.

As with all potentially complex projects (especially where modelling is involved), we need to clearly scope out and define the parameters of our topic. We totally accept that there are many genres of financial modelling and I guess we’d love to know about them all… however our primary aim will be to focus predominantly on the area(s) of modelling which utilised a spreadsheet environment to create a financial forecast for which the ultimate purpose is to support some form of decision making or business management process. I guess we can then move on to the second component of the topic which is the development of this form of modelling as a professional discipline, i.e. the point at which codes of best practice and /or methodologies have been developed, and individuals and teams of such professionals focussed their careers on the development and delivery of financial models. If you want to take part and or contribute to the discussion please feel free to email us at or leave your comments below!

Stephen Aldridge BSc, MBA, ACMA

Stephen is a Chartered Management Accountant and has over ten years of financial modelling experience both at KPMG and Deloitte. His early career included engineering, sales and corporate management roles. In 2004, Stephen joined Numeritas as a co-owner and a Managing Director.

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