What we do

We help shape your goals, identify the real problems in your business and give you the confidence you need to make your critical business decisions.

Reporting and FP&A
We build models that give you the right answers quickly, using the tools you already have
We give you the numbers you need to maximise the value from your transaction
We give you the confidence that your models are robust and reliable
Some of the clients we’ve helped
We’ve helped clients with everything from automating highly manual processes to creating in-depth forecasts for their annual budgeting process. Reducing errors and saving them time.

We are more than just modellers.

We give you true experts who understand your business and create solutions to overcome your challenges. We’re trusted modelling advisors to 10 FTSE 100 companies and Fund Managers with over £1.75 Trillion of assets under management.
Latest Resources
Our solutions are effective and simple to use. Have a look through our wealth of modelling-related white papers, videos, brochures, articles and tips & tricks, curated for you.
Numeritas Excel Toolkit - nXt
Over the years we have built some awesome tools to support our work. Now we’re sharing some of our most useful features with you, for free, through our nXt Toolkit. Download it now!