Alt-F11 not working. It might be your graphics card software

A couple of days ago the shortcut Alt+F11 stopped working in Excel on my laptop. I use this almost hourly to open up the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) and had become so used to using it that the frustration of not having it got me fuming… Time to put on my deerstalker and light up my pipe.

How to build a financial model from scratch

So you’ve just been told that a model is required and you’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to build it. You enthusiastically open up Excel ready to jump right in, when you face the initial panic of dealing with a completely blank workbook!

Using file hashes to prove two models are the same

In the past, when signing off on the review of a model, the sign-off letter would make reference to the file name of the model and the last modified date of that file as a way of identifying which file the review was performed on. This has never really been a good way of identifying a specific version of a specific file and recently we’ve been using file hashes to identify files instead.

Problems with the IRR in Excel

Many organisations rely on the IRR as a measure of the success of a project. There are, however, some technical issues with using the IRR function in Excel, as well as some general issues that the user should be aware of.