Is this model all your own work

I was recently looking at a set of templates issued by a public sector procurement authority and I was struck by the number of tell-tale signs that this was not all the original work of the ‘author’.

Why did Carillion fail?

Carillion had already identified for itself the top two risks that might cause failure. Here’s what they were:

Brexit is a reality

So now we know.

Britain has voted to leave the European Union and we are facing an uncertain future.

Light relief from the Brexit Debate

A maths problem (which, apparently, most people get wrong) caused merriment here at Numeritas and we can draw some parallels with the Brexit debate, so we thought we’d share them for your enjoyment.

New regulatory framework for social housing

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), the UK regulator of social housing introduced new regulations that took effect on 1 April 2015. Providers of social housing will now be required to maintain a register of assets and liabilities and to subject their business plans to rigorous stress testing.

Do you really need to model VAT

For many businesses, VAT (“Value Added Tax” ie sales tax) is a tax that has little effect on profits. “Now that’s my kind of tax” I hear you say – a tax that doesn’t affect profits might sound like nothing to worry about, but that’s not the whole story.

Using file hashes to prove two models are the same

In the past, when signing off on the review of a model, the sign-off letter would make reference to the file name of the model and the last modified date of that file as a way of identifying which file the review was performed on. This has never really been a good way of identifying a specific version of a specific file and recently we’ve been using file hashes to identify files instead.