Unlock the code Layout and Structure (Part 1)

In the second blog in our series about the ICAEW Financial Modelling Code, we look at Layout and Structure. There is a lot in the Code on this subject, so we’ll split it over two blogs, this week, looking at structure, next week at navigation and inputs

PF Basics Part 3: An overview of the DSCR

The Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) is the most commonly used ratio in Project Finance. It is a periodic measure of a project company’s ability to meet its debt obligations.

Alt-F11 not working. It might be your graphics card software

A couple of days ago the shortcut Alt+F11 stopped working in Excel on my laptop. I use this almost hourly to open up the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) and had become so used to using it that the frustration of not having it got me fuming… Time to put on my deerstalker and light up my pipe.

Why did Carillion fail?

Carillion had already identified for itself the top two risks that might cause failure. Here’s what they were:

Wetherspoon is ready for Brexit, are you?

Tim Martin, Wetherspoon’s chairman (and vocal advocate of Brexit) says he’s ready for Brexit and isn’t worried about a ‘no-deal’ cliff edge. How ready are you?