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Wrapping Excel Into Venas Cloud Technology

Microsoft Excel is often seen as a best friend and our worst enemy! Find out how Vena allows you to transform and embrace Excel.

James Davis CFO Podcast

The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 4 – James Davis

The Forward Thinking CFO · Episode 4 – James Davis – BGF   We speak to Finance professionals on a daily basis and almost all …

Sahil Rishi photo for Podcast Podcast

The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 3 – Sahil Rishi

In today’s episode, we speak to Sahil Rishi, CFO at Sedgwick International UK, the leading provider of insurance and company benefits solutions to businesses all over the world.

Numeritas Podcasts 2 Podcast

The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 2 – Sean Watherston

In today’s episode of the Forward Thinking CFO, we speak to Sean Watherston, CFO at UENI – the London based tech company, dedicated to shifting the balance between independent business and larger franchises, by helping small businesses find the services and tools they need to succeed.

CreateEngage_Numeritas - Podcast Announcement Social Graphics_1080x566_SQ_17-JUN-2020_V2 (1) Podcast

The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 1 – Mark Stevenson

In today’s episode, which is the very first episode of our brand new series, The Forward Thinking CFO, we had the pleasure of speaking to Mark Stevenson, Director of VTG AG – one of Europe’s leading rail logistics companies.

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Vena Resources

Partner Resources Our technology partner Vena has a wealth of resources to assist you in learning more about why clients love Vena (the stories and …

James Davis CFO

Listen to – The Forward Thinking CFO Podcast

Episode 4 with james davis