The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 5 – Richard Evans

In today’s episode we speak to Richard Evans, Finance Director at IT specialists, Excalibur Communications. Richard joined the team in 2017 to help make their latest management buyout a success, within just 18 months. Successfully managing a disposal, acquisition and management buyout is a career-defining moment for many finance professionals. Richard has ticked all three […]

The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 4 – James Davis

James Davis CFO

The Forward Thinking CFO · Episode 4 – James Davis – BGF   We speak to Finance professionals on a daily basis and almost all of us got into the industry because we were good with numbers. But as today’s guest will tell you – to successfully progress to the top and become one of […]

The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 2 – Sean Watherston

In today’s episode of the Forward Thinking CFO, we speak to Sean Watherston, CFO at UENI – the London based tech company, dedicated to shifting the balance between independent business and larger franchises, by helping small businesses find the services and tools they need to succeed.

The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 1 – Mark Stevenson

In today’s episode, which is the very first episode of our brand new series, The Forward Thinking CFO, we had the pleasure of speaking to Mark Stevenson, Director of VTG AG – one of Europe’s leading rail logistics companies.