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Survive Covid Webinar

Avoid Bankruptcy – Covid 19 Survival Webinar

Successful recovery from the impact of Covid-19 requires forward visibility of your financial position.
We show you how to implement changes to a model to reflect this and how reforecasting could reduce your tax bill.

Cash forecasting Webinar

Cash forecasting webinar

Cash is King and a key purpose for financial modelling is to forecast your cash position.
Many companies find this difficult, but we reveal the secrets here of how to build a reliable cash forecast.

Present Value Video

Present Value

Cash we receive in the future is worth less than cash now. Find out how to calculate the Present Value of future cash.We will use …

IRR - Internal Rate of Return Video

IRR – Internal Rate of Return

See how IRR is calculated in an excel demo.

Net Present Value Video

Why the NPV function may not behave as you expect

Excel’s NPV function may give a different value than you intend – here’s why.  

R1C1 Referencing in Excel Video

R1C1 referencing in Excel

Discover R1C1 referencing in Excel and how it is useful.

James Davis CFO

Listen to – The Forward Thinking CFO Podcast

Episode 4 with james davis