The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 10 – Chris Milne – Orbital Marine Power

In this episode of The Forward Thinking CFO we speak to Chris Milne, the CFO at Orbital Marine Power.

Orbital Marine Power are pioneering tidal energy at a time when climate change is nearing the top of the government’s agenda. And with the right backing, it could conceivably become a case of being in exactly the right place at the right time – one of the many reasons we were so excited to catch up with Chris for this episode.

Before joining Orbital, Chris worked with SSE Generation and Scottish Renewables, building a seasoned career in the Energy sector. With so much experience raising funds and building businesses that are both economically sound and commercially rewarding, Chris gave some great insights.

Listen below to discover:

  • The importance of finding early-stage market support when building your business
  • Why crowdfunding can reduce the risk for prospective investors
  • The key to becoming a great CFO


Whether you’re looking to break into the Energy sector, or you’re a seasoned CFO yourself, this episode will give you a fascinating insight into a truly rewarding career in finance.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts on this episode, so please do get in touch at ku.oc.satiremun@ofni with any feedback you have.

If you want to find out more about Chris, check out his LinkedIn profile –

If you want to learn more about Orbital Marine Power, have a look at their website at –

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