The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 13 – Jonathan Keeling – Crowdcube

In this episode of The Forward Thinking CFO, we speak to Jonathan Keeling, VP at Crowdcube.

Crowdcube specialises in democratising access for both businesses and investors to buy shares in start-ups, and with their 1000+ portfolio having raised in excess of £7bn worldwide, they are one of the leading voices in crowdfunding.

A two-time TED talker, early on in his career Jonathan left what many would see as a dream job for a graduate at Centrica to join the founding team at the start-up Pavegen instead. He wanted to be somewhere where he could make as much impact as possible.

It’s certainly paid off, and with so much experience in growing businesses from the ground up, Jonathan was full of great insights and insider knowledge.

Listen to discover:

  • Why, in a choice between working for a corporate or a start-up early in your career, you should always go with the start-up.
  • The power of inviting your customers to invest in your business.
  • The importance of understanding the risks involved in investing in small companies.


If you’re an entrepreneur or CFO interested in crowdfunding, this episode will give you a fascinating insight into what investors are looking for, and how the process works from start to finish.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts on this episode, so please do get in touch at ku.oc.satiremun@ofni with any feedback you have.

If you want to find out more about Jonathan, check out his LinkedIn profile –

If you want to learn more about Crowdcube, have a look at their website at –


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