The Forward Thinking CFO – Episode 2 – Sean Watherston

In today’s episode, we speak to Sean Watherston, CFO at UENI – the London based tech company, dedicated to shifting the balance between independent business and larger franchises, by helping small businesses find the services and tools they need to succeed.

Sean started his career at Ernst and Young, before moving into investment banking with Credit Suisse and then Commerzbank.

Following his time at Commerzbank, he became the in-house banker at Avanti Communications, where he was involved in a number of high-profile equity raises for communications satellite launches, including one for Elon Musk’s Space X.

In 2013, Sean landed his first CFO role at online fashion retailer Brand Alley, which he joined following the MBO from News International. From that point onwards, Sean held multiple CFO roles at a range of rapidly growing tech companies before joining the team at UENI earlier this year.

In today’s conversation, Sean shares a wealth of valuable insights from his journey to becoming a CFO, including:

  • The benefits of working with early stage and rapid growth companies and how they can help you accelerate your journey to becoming a CFO
  • The top priorities for today’s Finance function and why automation and AI will create more opportunities for accountants – even if career coaches tell you otherwise
  • And Sean’s four key pearls of wisdom that will help you gain the skills, experience and contacts it takes to become a great CFO.


It was great to learn more about Sean’s rare combination of finance, strategy and investment banking experience, and find out why he chose to work with early stage and rapid growth companies, rather than with the FTSE 100 or 250 firms that many perceive as a more secure career.

Whether you’re already a CFO, on the path towards a CFO position or you’re currently in a different role and want to switch tracks, we know you’ll get a lot of value from today’s episode.


We’re keen to hear your thoughts on this episode, so please do get in touch at ku.oc.satiremun@ofni

If you want to find out more about Sean, check out his LinkedIn profile –

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