Do you really need to model VAT

For many businesses, VAT (“Value Added Tax” ie sales tax) is a tax that has little effect on profits. “Now that’s my kind of tax” I hear you say – a tax that doesn’t affect profits might sound like nothing to worry about, but that’s not the whole story.

Model Structure – Periodicity

This (potentially made-up) word refers to the length of the time periods in a financial forecasting model. Forecasts will be divided into time slices eg months, years or quarters.

Cheaper model reviews

The way you build your spreadsheet model can dramatically affect the time and cost of having it reviewed – read on to find out how:

Should my forecast include inflation

When looking to the future, we don’t know what the inflation rate will be, but isn’t it reasonable to think interest rates will move in line with inflation? So if inflation and interest are going to move more or less together, why not build all our forecasts in real terms?