There are many processes that you do right now that could be streamlined or automated. You just need the right model to help you do so.

Building models that give you the right answers quickly

As expert modellers we can help you develop the model you need to achieve your business goals.



Financial Planning, Analysis & Reporting Tool

The ICAEW Financial Modelling Code
The Financial Modelling Code published by the ICAEW marks a landmark in the financial modelling industry, in which Numeritas played a leading part. We share our methodology to show how we address the recommendations in the code in this whitepaper.


Integrated Cashflow Analysis & Reporting Tool


Reduce errors and save time

We’ve helped clients with everything from automating highly manual processes to creating in-depth forecasts for their annual budgeting process.

Our nXt Excel Toolkit
Over the years we have built some awesome tools to support our work. Now we’re sharing some of our most useful features with you, for free, through our nXt Toolkit. Download it now!

Leverage the tools you already have

Most businesses only use a fraction of what Excel has to offer. We help you unlock its full potential, using the tools you already have. No expensive new apps or software required.


Anglo American

Business Analysis & Reporting Tool

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