By creating a robust yet flexible model we put you in the best possible negotiating position and help you maximise the value from your transaction.

Mergers, Acquisitions, MBO and more

Whether you’re in the middle of a merger, acquisition, MBO or divestment – you need the numbers you can trust. And that’s where our team can help.


Just Eat

Sell-side Working Capital Model

7 Success Factors for Bid Pricing
Many companies win contracts after a formal bid submission process. Download our guide to learn the seven success factors we have distilled from our bid model experience.


Transaction Model


Managing fast moving deals

Deals can move quickly, and you need a model that can give you the answers when you need them and in a way that’s flexible to the changing structure of the deal.

Our nXt Excel Toolkit
Over the years we have built some awesome tools to support our work. Now we’re sharing some of our most useful features with you, for free, through our nXt Toolkit. Download it now!

Ensuring you have everything you need

We’re used to working with senior executives like you to develop these models. Ensuring you have the numbers you need, when you need them, to make the right decisions.



Project Finance Model

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